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Stalking and harassment is life changing. It causes intimidation, loss of jobs and relationships, the victim to move home, fear and sometimes death to the victim.

The behavioural characteristics of the stalker are easily recognised but yet practitioners in the Criminal Justice System time and time again have failed to identify, assess and manage the risk due to a lack of understanding and inadequate training.

We count the cost in the lives of our daughters.

Clare Bernal, Rana Faruqui, Tania Moore


Masterclass Invitation

Click here to download the information and invitation for our two Masterclasses in December 2014.

Courses with CAADA

Protection Against Stalking are running a series of courses in conjunction with CAADA designed to help professionals working with victims to develop a best practice response to stalking, through prevention, risk assessment, safety and action planning.

This course is open to all professionals who come into contact with victims of stalking through their work.

Further details are available on CAADA's website here.

The course dates are:

Manchester Bristol London
Thursday 20 November
Central Park
Northampton Road
M40 5BP

Application Deadline:
Thursday 23 October

Thursday 15 January
CAADA, 3rd Floor
Maxet House
Baldwin Street

Application Deadline:
Friday 12 December

Wednesday 11 March
The Miller's House
Three Mill Lane
E3 3DU

Application Deadline:
Wednesday 11 February