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Stalking and harassment

Stalking and harassment is life changing. It causes intimidation, loss of jobs and relationships, the victim to move home, fear and sometimes death to the victim.

The behavioural characteristics of the stalker are easily recognised but yet practitioners in the Criminal Justice System time and time again have failed to identify, assess and manage the risk due to a lack of understanding and inadequate training.

We count the cost in the lives of our daughters.

Clare Bernal, Rana Faruqui

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Awareness Training
For Professionals

Wed 27th September 2017
9.30am – 1pm
@ Sevenoaks District Council

Tues 17th October 2017
9.30am – 1pm
@ Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Despite recent legislative changes stalking remains one of the most underreported crimes. The Office of National Statistics estimate over 7,300 people aged between 16 and 59 years were stalked in West Kent (Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Malling and Tunbridge Wells) during 2016. West Kent Police recorded 17 cases of stalking in 2016, which suggests only a tiny fraction are reported to police or are not recorded as stalking having been reported.

On average, victims experience around 100 instances of stalking before reporting their stalker to the police.1 in 6 women and 1 in 12 men will be subject to stalking at some point in their lives.

Following a successful conference to raise awareness of Stalking at the Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks in April 2017. PAS are pleased to offer Stalking training free of charge;

Aim :

  • provide an understanding of stalking and its impact on victims
  • enable professionals to respond to victims in a proactive and sensitive way and provide information on local and national support agencies available to them.

Learn How To:

  • Define Stalking according to current legislation
  • Identify different types of stalker
  • Recognise the risks posed by a stalker
  • Understand the victim of stalking
  • Identify support/advocacy available to victims of stalking both locally and nation

Training available to:

  • Criminal Justice professionals
  • Local employers
  • Agencies/Charities working within the Domestic Abuse arena

Places limited to 30 per session.
BOOK EARLY – REGISTER – training@protectionagainststalking.org