STALKING – Early Intervention Saves Lives

Protection Against Stalking welcome the Introduction of Stalking Protection Orders (SPO’s). The new orders allow police to better protect victims of stalking. The police are now able to apply to the court  to stop the suspected stalker from contacting or getting close to the victim. The suspect commits a criminal offence and faces up to 5 years in prison if they breach the order.

Protection Against Stalking actively campaigned for the introduction of the new orders,  Sue Dunn, Operations Manager for Protection Against Stalking said, “Stalking Protection Orders will provide protection to victims provided police recognise the stalking behaviours and apply quickly for an order. We know early identification of stalking and effective intervention saves lives.”

Protection Against Stalking supports victims of stalking; raising awareness of stalking within communities, training criminal justice and community safety professionals and providing specialist advocacy support and safety planning to victims of stalking.

During the 2019, Protection Against Stalking supported over 500 victims of stalking, advising on risks and providing safety plans.