Vision and Mission


The vision of Protection Against Stalking is to change society’s perception of stalking, to improve the safety for all victims of stalking and harassment and for perpetrators to be held to account by the Criminal Justice System.


PROTECTION AGAINST STALKING campaigns for early and effective risk identification, assessment and management to keep victims safe and hold perpetrators to account.

Through sharing our own tragic experiences, our aim is to raise awareness and change attitudes towards stalking and harassment. We will do this by providing training and specialist support to practitioners, as well as providing victims with the help and protection they need to rebuild their lives free of fear.

PAS presently has eight priority areas of work:

  1. To raise awareness and change attitudes towards stalking and harassment and offer help and advice to victims of stalking, their families and their friends
  2. To campaign for the introduction of advocates/case workers for ALL victims of stalking
  3. To campaign for the introduction of mandatory psychiatric assessment for stalkers
  4. To seek vertical prosecution by Specialist CPS Lawyers
  5. To seek a Review of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and sentencing guidelines for stalking (Following a successful parliamentary campaign led by Protection Against Stalking, new stalking laws were introduced in England and Wales in November 2012)
  6. We want all police services and partner agencies who work with victims of stalking and harassment to be adequately trained in the use of a risk tool, the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour-based Violence (DASH 2009) Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model, or similar, as this will help save lives.