Trustees and Supporters

Protection Against Stalking (PAS) is a national charity which aims to create a consistent, professional and effective response to victims of stalking and harassment.

Our goal is to work with professionals and organisations in partnership to improve the safety of stalking and harassment victims and for perpetrators of abuse to be held to account.

Stalking and harassment is life changing. It causes intimidation, loss of jobs and relationships, the victim to move home, fear and sometimes death to the victim.. The behavioural characteristics of the stalker are easily recognised but yet practitioners in the Criminal Justice System time and time again have failed to identify, assess and manage the risk due to a lack of understanding and inadequate training. We count the cost in the lives of our daughters.

Clare Bernal, Rana Faruqui

Registered charity number 1136189
A Company limited by guarantee 6982944

Jane Monckton-Smith
Hugh Grant
Kenneth Green

Tricia Bernal
Ray Donelan (Treasurer)
Sue Haile
Professor Carsten Maple

Key Activists and supporters are:
John and Penny Clough
Hugh Grant
Kenneth Green
Sarah Green
Tracey Morgan
Ann Moulds
Garry Shewan
Sam Taylor
Claudia Portiz
Dave Thomason
Claire Waxman
Dr Jane Monckton Smith
Tracey Morgan
Mark Coulter
Carol Faruqui
Gemma Faruqui