Our Inspiration

Clare’s Story

Clare was shot dead by a former boyfriend in the Harvey Nichols store in Knightsbridge in September 2005. He began stalking her after their three-week relationship had ended, following her in the street, pestering her with phone calls, standing outside her house and bombarding her with text messages. One day he followed her from her workplace to London Bridge Station where he pushed her in the back and told her: “If you dare report me I will kill you” and on another occasion, ‘If I can’t have you, nobody will”. The Police arrested him for breaking a restraining order and prosecuted him on a charge of harassment. Whilst awaiting sentencing, he went back home to Slovakia and purchased a gun.On Tuesday, the 13th September, 10 minutes before closing time, Pech entered the Harvey Nichols store, walked up behind Clare and shot her in the head four times. He then turned the gun on himself.

Rana’s Story

Rana was stabbed to death in August 2003 by a former boyfriend who had been stalking her for many weeks. Police had been aware of his stalking and acts of harassment following their split three months earlier. The police were called to her house on several occasions and the man was warned a number of times after spying on her in the early morning at her home and generally harassing her by photographing her and sending emails and text messages. Two weeks before she was murdered he had cut the brake pipes on her car but regrettably the police took no action. Moments before Rana was killed she had called 999.